Kanazawa, Noto Peninsula, and Other Cities
Discover secrets on the places in and around Kanazawa City,
where are located on the other side of Japan's east coast!
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Many people associate Kanazawa city with its stunning Japanese garden, Kenroku-En. One of the three great gardens of Japan, guidebooks often list it as a must-see attraction. The three Chinese characters that make up its name reveal the philosophy behind the garden. The first character, “ken”, means to ...

[ Kaga City ]

Ishikawa prefecture boasts three regions well-known for lacquerware. But are they all the same? Of course not! Each region’s wares have different features due to their unique histories. Wajima city is famous worldwide for its fine lacquering ...

[Nanao City]

For many international tourists interested in the peninsula, a road trip may be the main thing they consider enjoying while there. However, there are not too many adventurous activities to enjoy around the waterfront. Nevertheless, it’s ...

[ Noto-cho Town ] July 5-6

More than 300 years ago, a serious epidemic spread through the fisherman's village of Ushitsu. One of the villagers rose up and brought an object of worship from the Gion Shrine in Kyoto in order to pray to...

[ In and Around ]

Once upon a time, many kinds of indigenous vegetables were cultivated in and around Kanazawa during the feudal era. Since consumers controlled the market, the farmers were forced to bend to their demands. ...

[ KANAZAWA ] Nov. 23

Kneeling or sitting on our comfortable cushions lined up against the red and blue painted walls of the large Japanese-style room, gazing hungrily at the gorgeously prepared meal ...


[ Hakusan City ]

One day in November, my friends and I suddenly decided to try paragliding. Two of them were studying in Kanazawa for eight months as trainees, and were about to return to Mexico. Having exhausted the list of normal activities—Karaoke, ...


It all began when one of my friends learned the art from a young master a few years ago. Since then she quickly got into it, and has made so many thimbles! “For a person who has a different background, like me, the way to make both ...

[ Kaga City ] Aug 3-4

If once you see it, it will fascinate you. Dengaku is a traditional dance performance brought into being around the Heian Period (794-1185). The origin is still unknown. Some say it was started as a ritual dance for good harvest when they...