There are some amazing accommodations in Ishikawa. They all welcome visitors from foreign countries! Do you want to stay at a small Ryokan in the city? Or, would you prefer to splurge at a spa town? Pick one! It’s all up to you, and you’ll have a great experience no matter where you go!


Kanazawa City >>
Kanazawa Station Area

Western-style room
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa [ホテル日航金沢]

Business and leisure travelers will appreciate that the hotel is conveniently located in front of JR Kanazawa Station and within walking distance of some of the most famous tourist spots in Kanazawa, Japan. Also, at 130m, it is also the tallest hotel in the Hokuriku area.

2-15-1 Hon-machi, Kanazawa
Tel 076-234-1111 / Fax 076-234-8802 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: Visit their website! You can get the best flexible rate. / Check in:14:00; Check out: 12:00 /Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: English spoken / Internet: free / LAN: High-speed cable and wireless / Facilities:
Lobby Lounge FOUNTAIN (1F); Buffet Restaurant THE GARDEN HOUSE (2F); Japanese Restaurant BENKAY (6F); Main Bar VOL DE NUIT (29F); Teppan Grill ICHO (29F); Chinese Restaurant TOH-LEE (29F); Sky Lounge LE GRAND CHARIOT (30F); European Cuisine La PLAGE (30F)


Kanazawa City >>
Kanazawa Station Area

Western-style room
Kanazawa Central Hotel [金沢セントラルホテル]

Great location to the station, a convenience store, bank or post office. They have three nice Japanese restaurants which are popular with locals.

5-3, Horikawa-Machi, Kanazawa
Tel 076-263-5311 / Fax 076-262-1444 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: [Single] ¥6,000~; [Twin/Double] ¥8,000~ / Check in: 15:00; Check out: 10:00 / Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: Limited English spoken / Izakaya UMIHIKO (Central Hotel 3F) / Izakaya DAIAN (Central BLDG 1F/B1F) / Premiun Dining HIZUKI (Central Arc BLDG 1F/2F) / Spicy Hotpot AKA-KARA (Central Hotel 2F) / *Free parking lot / *Free IP-phone lobby / Free LAN

【金沢 彩の庭ホテル】外観.jpg

Kanazawa City >>
Kanazawa Station Area

Western-style room
Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel [金沢彩の庭ホテル]

Kanazawa is well known as one of the illustrious craft cities in Japan. Feel the aesthetic sense of the city when you stay in this hotel. This hotel features the beautiful garden with its own distinctive color of each season, and breakfast utilized fresh local ingredients, among others. You will have a quality time in a cozy room furnished in excellent taste.

2-4-8 Nagata, Kanazawa
Tel 076-235-3128 / Fax 076-235-5112 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: Twin (Double) room 17,280 yen~ *Breakfast included / Check in:14:00; Check out: 11:00 /Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: English spoken / Internet: free / LAN: High-speed cable and wireless / Facilities: Free Spa (public bath); Breakfast buffet Restaurant; Fitness room; Library; Free rental bicycle; An electric vehicle charging station


Kanazawa City >>
Musashi Area

Western-style room
Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa [ホテルリソルトリニティ金沢]

This hotel is conveniently located in the heart of downtown. It’s just 2 minutes to the Omicho Ichiba market, 6 min to Kanazawajo castle, and also walkable (15 minutes) to JR Kanazawa station. Their cozy rooms and excellent hospitality will amaze you in the hustle and bustle. Do not forget to check their aroma relaxation salon on the 8th floor. It will help you after a long walk for sightseeing.

1-18, Musashimachi, Kanazawa
Phone: 076-221-9269 / Fax: 076-263-7711 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: [Single] ¥14,000~; [Twin/Double] ¥25000~ / Check in:14:00; Check out: 11:00 /Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: Limited English spoken / Breakfast: ¥1300~ / Internet: free / LAN: High-speed cable and wireless / Facilities: Italian Restaurant IL-CHIANTI (1F); Aroma Relaxation Salon RAKUSIS (8F)


Kanazawa City >>
Kanazawa Station Area

Guest House
Guest House Pongyi [ゲストハウス ポンギー]

First guest house in Kanazawa opened by a previous monk. 'Compassion' is his motto! Good reputation for homely guest house.

2-22, Rokumai-Machi, Kanazawa
Tel 076-225-7369 / LinkIconE-mail / LinkIconhttp://www.pongyi.com

Rates: [Dormitory] 3,000 yen per person; [Private Japanese room] 5,500 ~ 10,000 yen (All rates include tax, and 100 yen donation to aid children in Asia. Breakfast not included.) / Check in: 15:00-21:00; Check out: 10:00; Closed: 12:00-15:00 / Credit cards: Not accepted / Languages: Limited English spoken / *Communal refrigerator, kitchen, laundry machine (100 yen), locker and shower room. / *Free internet & WiFi


Kanazawa City >>
Kanazawa Higashiyama Area

Rental Japanese Town House
Hashiba-an [はしば庵]

According to the location near the Asanogawa River, Higashi Chayagai and Kazuemachi geisha districts will be accessible to you everyday in Kanazawa. This rental town house could be your hideaway while you are in town. Or you can just relax with your family or friends as if you were at home. Sleep in a cozy bed whenever you want, cook what you want at the simple kitchen, or chat away with your homey about your trip through the Internet! No one will interrupt you.

9-5, Hashiba-cho, Kanazawa
Tel 076-240-2522 / Fax 076-240-1707 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: ¥24,000 for 2 people per night (A 4,000-yen additional fee will be charged per extra person, per night) *Limited to the maximum of 6 people. *Breakfast not included / Check in:15:00; Check out: 11:00 /Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: Limited English spoken / Facilities: [1F] Living room, dining kitchen, bathroom, and toilet; [2F] Western bedroom with 2 beds, and Japanese tatami room / *Free internet & WiFi


Kanazawa City >> Higashiyama Area

Rental traditional Japanese house
Machiya-Kanazawa Kikunoya [町屋金沢 菊乃や]

Stay at Machiya-Kanazawa in Kazue-machi which used to be a Geisha house! Rent the whole house with your friends, family or group members! You'll feel like Kanazawais your second home.

The Special Campaign (Available until March 31, 2018):
A 10% discount with a stay of 2 nights
A 15 % discount with a stay of 3 nights or more

3-22, Kazuemachi, Kanazawa
Tel 076-287-0834 / Fax 076-287-0835 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: [2-3 persons] ¥54,000~; [4-5 persons] ¥72,000~ (*Tax and breakfast not included.) / Check in: 15:00; Check out: 11:00 / Credit cards: VISA or Master / Languages: English spoken / 1 Bathroom with western style wash toilet system / 1 Kitchen / 5 Tatami rooms / 1 Tea ceremony room / Mini Japanese garden / Hands-on Experience program (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, and kimono-wearing): 2-hour instructions ¥13,000 per group (*Tax included. Some programs require material costs.)
*Free WiFi

Ryotei Ryokan
Kinjohro [料亭旅館 金城楼]

Kinjohro was established in 1890. This Japanese style cuisine-ryokan, with a long history, is one of Kanazawa’s icons. They entertain only 6 groups per day so that they can give them perfect hospitality. They boast extravagant but sophisticated in-room dining that offers you world-class Japanese cuisine in the privacy of your room.

2-23, Hashibacho, Kanazawa
Tel 076-221-8188 / Fax 076-221-9146

Rates: Tatami Room ¥54,000 per person, per night. (Tax included) *Limited to the maximum of 4 people per room. Meals:
Excellent dinner and breakfast included (In-room dining)/ Check in:16:00; Check out: 11:00 /Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: English spoken / Facilities: Private bathroom (Japanese style), refrigerator, towels, Japanese yukata, and hair dryer / # of rooms: 6 (tatami room only) / *Free internet & WiFi


Kanazawa City >>
Kanazawa Katamachi Area

Urban-style Hostel
Kaname Hostel [カナメホステル]

Kaname Hostel and nearby American dive Kaname Bar lie in the heart of downtown Kanazawa, squarely between Kenrokuen Garden and the Samurai District. The hostel itself is a clean and quiet rest house with friendly staff, and the nearby Kaname Bar offers a hub to chat with locals, staff, or other hostel guests while enjoying southern American food, drinks, and breakfast. We're conveniently located near a convenience store and a number of great restaurants, and a short walk from buses, taxis or rental bikes.

1F 21 Tatemachi, Kanazawa
Tel 076-222-2122 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: [Dormitory] 2000 yen (twin-sized bed); 3900 yen (semi-double sized bed) *Tax included; includes discounted breakfast at Kaname Bar. / Check in:15:00 – 22:00 (please call ahead if arriving after 22:00); Check out: 11:00 *No curfew: Doors are locked after midnight, but guests are issued pass codes. / Credit cards: Visa and MasterCards / Languages: Japanese and English / Facilities: Refrigerator, laundry, private locker, luggage storage, extra amenities for sale or rent / *Free WiFi


Kanazawa City >> Katamachi Area

Japanese-style room
Murataya Ryokan [村田屋旅館]

Backpacker's regular Ryokan downtown in Kanazawa. Mr. and Mrs. Murata are reliable and will give you perfect advice about the town.

1-5-2, Kata-Machi, Kanazawa
Tel 076-263-0455 / Fax 076-263-0456 / LinkIconE-mail

Rates: [Single] ¥4,900~; [Twin/Double] ¥9,400~ *Tax included, breakfast not included. / Check in: 15:00; Check out: 10:00 / Credit cards: Most accepted / Languages: English spoken / Communal bath / Laundromat
*Free internet & WiFi



 Name Type Address  Telephone

Kanazawa Station Area      
ANA Crowne Plaza Kanazawa H 16-3, Showa-Machi, Kanazawa 076-224-6111
Garden Hotel Kanazawa H 2-16-16, Hon-Machi, Kanazawa 076-263-3333
Kanazawa Central Hotel H 5-3, Horikawa-Machi, Kanazawa 076-263-5311
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa H 2-15-1, Hon-Machi, Kanazawa 076-234-1111
Kanazawa Miyako Hotel H 6-10, Konohana-Machi, Kanazawa 076-261-2111
Via Inn Kanazawa H 1-1, Kinoshinbo-Machi, Kanazawa 076-222-5489
Castle Inn Kanazawa H 10-17, Konohana-Machi, Kanazawa 076-223-6300
Hotel Kanazawa H 1-1, Horikawashin-Machi, Kanazawa 076-223-1111
Hotel Hinodeya H 2-17-25, Hon-Machi, Kanazawa 076-231-5224
Hotel Kibayashi H 4-10, Konohana-Machi, Kanazawa 076-263-8821
Kanazawa Chaya R 2-17-21, Hon-Machi, Kanazawa 076-231-2225
Ryokan Shibaya R 2-19-7, Hon-Machi, Kanazawa 076-222-3270
Kashimaya Ryokan R 2-19-13, Hon-Machi, Kanazawa 076-221-0187
Business Hotel R Side H 12-3, Showa-Machi, Kanazawa 076-262-0061
Guest House Pongyi G 2-22, Rokumai-Machi, Kanazawa
Guesthouse Namaste G 6-14, Kasaichi-Machi, Kanazawa

Musashi/Higashiyama Area
ANA Holiday Inn Kanazawa Sky H 15-1, Musashi-Machi, Kanazawa
Sumiyoshiya Ryokan R 54, Jikken-Machi, Kanazawa
Asadaya Ryokan R 23, Jikken-Machi, Kanazawa
Nakayasu Ryokan R 1-10-31, Owari-Cho, Kanazawa
Kinjohro R 2-23, Hashiba-Cho, Kanazawa
Yamanoo R 1-31-25, Higashiyama, Kanazawa 076-252-5171
Machiya Kanazawa Kikunoya RH 3-22, Kazue-Machi, Kanazawa
Minshuku Yogetsu M 1-13-22, Higashiyama, Kanazawa 076-252-0497
Minshuku Ginmatsu M 1-17-18, Higashiyama, Kanazawa 076-252-3577
Ryokan Yamamuro R 1-2-19, Owaricho, Kanazawa 076-263-7121

Kanazawa Castle Area
Kanazawa New Grand Hotel H 4-1, Minami-Cho, Kanazawa
Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel H 6-3, Marunouchi, Kanazawa 076-222-1212
Hotel Kanazawa Kenrokusou H 6-40, Oyama-Machi, Kanazawa 076-232-1239

Kenrokuen Area
Camellia Inn Yukitsubaki H 4-17, Kosho-Machi, Kanazawa
Guesthouse Akatsukiya G 21-18, Akatsuki-Machi, Kanazawa

Korinbo/Katamachi Area 
Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu H 2-1-1, Kohrinbo, Kanazawa
Toyoko Inn Kanazawa Kenrokuen Korinbo H 2-4-28, Kohrinbo, Kanazawa
Murataya Ryokan R 1-5-2, Kata-Machi, Kanazawa
Kikunoya Ryokan R 1-1-27, Hirosaka, Kanazawa
Ryokan Ichiraku R 4-6, Chuohdori-Machi, Kanazawa
Iritaya 'Kawakyu-An' R 3-21, Chuoh-dohri-machi, Kanazawa

Teramachi Area
Kincharyo R 1-8-50, Tera-Machi, Kanazawa

Yuwaku Onsen Area
Hatago Uenoya R I-68, Yuwaku-Machi, Kanazawa

South Kanazawa
Kanazawa Kokusai Hotel H Ru-8, Onuka-Machi, Kanazawa 076-296-0111

H=Hotel, R=Ryokan(Japanese inn), M=Minshuku(A private home providing meals and lodging),
G=Guest house, RH=Rental house


 Name Type Address  Telephone

Hakusan City
Ichirino Kogen Hotel Roan
R Chi-70-4, Ozoh, Hakusan City 076-256-7141
Kanponosato Hakusan Oguchi
H U-43-3, Seto, Hakusan City 076-256-8080
Komatsu City
Komatsu Century Hotel
H Ru-32-1, Kojima-Machi, Komatsu City 0761-24-5515
Hotel Airport Komatsu
H 282, Doihara-Machi, Komatsu City 0761-22-0665
Hotel Sunroute Komatsu
H 4-93, Hinode-Machi, Komatsu City 0761-24-6123
Hotel Ohkubo
H Ra-31, Futsu-Machi, Komatsu City 0761-44-1133
B Engyosan, Nata-Machi, Komatsu City 0761-65-2111
Awazu-Onsen Spa Town, Komatsu City 
R Awazu-Onsen, Komatsu City 0761-65-1111

Katayamazu-Onsen Spa Town, Kaga City
Hotel Arrowle
H To-5-1, Shibayama-Machi, Kaga City
Kanoya Kourakuen
R Otsu 64-1, Katayamazu-Onsen , Kaga City
Yamashiro-Onsen Spa Town, Kaga City
H 19-58-1, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City
Koshiso R 17-128, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-0234
Hakusan Shobu-Tei R 4-34-1, Kikyogaoka, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-0335
Beniya Mukayu R 55-1-3, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-1340
Shirogane-Ya R 18-47, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-0025
Tachibana Shiki-Tei R 16, Bansho-En-Dohri, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-0001
Yamashita-Ya R 18-124, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-2222
Araya Tohtoh-An R Koh-18-119, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-0010
Komorebino Yado Ohnoya R 18-117, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-4113
Hatori R 17, Onsen-Dohri, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-8200
Yoshida-Ya San-Noh-Kaku R 13-1, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-1001
Midorino Yado Bansho-Kaku R 3, Higashiyama-Machi, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-1515
Morino Ideyu Kaga-Raku R 14-27, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-0150
Yuzan-Kaku R 16-1, Higashiyama-Machi, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-0400
Yunokuni Tensho R 19-49-1, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-77-1234
Yukai-Resort Saicho-Raku R 2-10-3, Kikyogaoka, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-7778
Kaga-Ya Hohsho-Tei R 1-80-1, Kikyogaoka, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-77-1143
Hotel Kikyo R 16-162-5, Yamashiro-Onsen, Kaga City 0761-76-1130
Saikano Yado Tatami R 3-41, Kikyogaoka, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-76-2200
Onsen Meiso Club Fuji-Ya R 2-121-3, Kikyogaoka, Yamashiro-Onsen 0761-76-1122

H=Hotel, R=Ryokan(Japanese inn), M=Minshuku(A private home providing meals and lodging),
G=Guest house, B=B&B


 Name Type Address  Telephone

Hakui Gun
Wafu Pension Furusato P Mu-1-96, Yaguradani, Shika-Machi, Hakui  0767-32-4080
Nanao City
Aenokaze R 8-1, Wakazaki, Wakuramachi, Nanao City 0767-62-3333
R 80 Yobu, Wakura-Machi, Nanao City
Niji To Umi R 96 Yobu, Wakura-Machi, Nanao City
Noto Shimayado Segawa
M 118-1-1, Notojimakoda-Machi, Nanao City
Wajima City 
Oyado Tanaka
M 22-38, Kawai-Machi, Wajima City
Minshuku Sakashita
M 19-1-72, Kawai-Machi, Wajima City
Pension Kamome
P 3-117, Kawai-Machi, Wajima City
Minshuku Noshu
M 4-1-6, Futatuya-Machi, Wajima City
Suzu City
Suzu Beach Hotel
H 1-2-480, Takojima-Machi, Suzu City
Lamp No Yado
R 10-11-2, Jike, Misaki-Machi, Suzu City

H=Hotel, R=Ryokan(Japanese inn), M=Minshuku(A private home providing meals and lodging), 


〒920-0997 石川県金沢市竪町21ムロノコレクションビル 5F アーテックス内 / TEL 076-261-5175 / LinkIconお問い合せ